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Guided Meditation

Meditation Mala in Jasper and Rhodonite

Meditation Mala in Jasper and Rhodonite

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The richness of the colors of this magnificent Meditation Mala in Jasper and Rhodonite has been studied to coordinate perfectly with each other. The final result is absolutely superb. It will follow you as a jewel, but also as a support for meditation of a very beautiful elegance.

This Jasper and Rhodonite Meditation Mala will also make you benefit from the beneficial properties of the natural stones that compose it.

Rhodonite, whose name means "Rose", was worn as an amulet by the Romans and Greeks in ancient times, because it was considered protective. In addition, Rhodonite brings a benefit of appeasement by reducing anxiety, controlling stress. These virtues are very numerous. As it is related to the heart, this stone is recommended for lovers, couples, as it promotes relationships by bringing peace and developing trust. In the event of a breakup, it helps to counter or better manage heartache.

Jasper, on the other hand, is a stone of healing and anchoring whose virtues act as much on the mental and emotional as on the physical. In meditation and to have a better personal benefit, Jasper participates in the clarification of the spirit. By promoting calm and appeasement, it effectively combats stress, anxiety and all forms of fear. It also operates on the chakras to give them back the necessary harmony.

This handmade Jasper and Rhodonite Meditation Mala will be ideal to protect your couple, your love life while being a superb jewel and an incomparable meditation support. To receive it, click now on “Add to basket”.

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