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Teardrop Moonstone Healing Ring

Teardrop Moonstone Healing Ring

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Introducing the exquisite Teardrop Moonstone Healing Ring, a true gem in its own right. Meticulously crafted, the central stone is carefully set, enhancing its vintage allure and captivating charm.

The Moonstone, renowned for its enchanting milky hue, radiates an array of captivating reflections, contributing to its inherent beauty. This extraordinary stone promotes intuition and nurtures maternal love. Its Yin-stimulating properties make it particularly beneficial to women, especially mothers, by encouraging tenderness, gentleness, and tolerance while soothing excessive behaviors. Moonstone is believed to alleviate a range of female discomforts, including hormonal imbalances, challenging menstrual cycles, fertility concerns, and symptoms associated with menopause.

Available in five sizes, our Moonstone Healing Ring is designed to adorn the hands of every woman with sheer elegance and sophistication.

Whether you desire to elevate your personal style or seek the perfect gift for a loved one, the Teardrop Moonstone Healing Ring awaits you. Don't wait any longer; click "Add to cart" now to make this splendid accessory yours.

Size matching:

Size 5=Finger circumference: 49mm

Size 6=Finger circumference: 52mm

Size 7=Finger circumference: 55mm

Size 8=Finger circumference: 57mm

Size 9=Finger circumference: 60mm

Size 10=Finger circumference: 62mm

Size 11=Finger circumference: 65mm

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