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Masculine necklace in Hematites and natural stones

Masculine necklace in Hematites and natural stones

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This male Hematite and natural stone long necklace is made from high quality natural stone beads. The beads measuring 8 mm are assembled over a total length of 70 cm. The black pearls have a matte finish to bring out the brilliant shine of the Hematites. The pendant meanwhile has a generous size of 5 cm.

Hematite provides very interesting beneficial effects and is therefore widely used in lithotherapy. It is an invigorating and fortifying stone allowing to find the vitality. It is also purifying, which generates undeniable benefits on the body by improving the absorption of iron and blood healing. It soothes migraines and other headaches as well as eye problems.

Concerning the mental aspect, it increases the tone, develops the strength of resistance, amplifies the will and the courage. It therefore restores better general vitality. Its virtues also act on negative energies by keeping them at a distance to protect you so that they do not reach you.

In addition to all these useful benefits for your body and your mind, this male necklace in Hematites and natural stones is absolutely superb and very aesthetic. By wearing it, you ensure your elegance. Quickly click on “Add to cart” to take advantage now of the beneficial properties of this superb jewel.

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