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Necklace with natural stone fragrance diffuser pendant

Necklace with natural stone fragrance diffuser pendant

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What a great idea to create this magnificent Necklace with a natural stone perfume diffuser pendant, entirely handmade. The choice is offered to you whether you are more for Lapis Lazuli or a follower of purple Fluorite. And why not both to vary the pleasures.

Regarding Lapis Lazuli, it fights blockages, even if they are emotional, and dispels various anxieties and fears. It promotes creativity by participating in the development of imagination and intuition. It also facilitates expression through dialogue by freeing up speech to make verbal communication more fulfilling.

Lapis Lazuli fights many physical ailments starting with sore throats, coughs and headaches as well as pains whose origin would be nervous. It strengthens blood circulation, reduces water retention and decreases hair and nail breakage.

And when it comes to Violet Fluorite, it helps restructure thoughts to make them clearer. It is a stone of intuition and meditation which complements itself effectively with Lapis Lazuli. Violet Fluorite restores the necessary energy. On the physical level, it also fights certain pains such as those related to the joints or the back.

All you have to do is make your choice according to your preference and click on "Add to basket" to receive your superb Necklace with natural stone fragrance diffuser pendant.

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