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Black Obsidian Orgonite Pyramid: Energetic Amplification

Black Obsidian Orgonite Pyramid: Energetic Amplification

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Immerse yourself in the universe of energy and spirituality with our Black Obsidian Orgonite Pyramid: Energetic Amplification. This powerful symbol of energy protection and purification is a real asset for your well-being and your inner harmony.

The expertly coiled copper spiral acts as a conduit for energy, increasing the pyramid's potential for amplifying the energies. This meticulously crafted piece aims to balance and harmonize chi, your life energy.

Black obsidian, a recognized protective stone, reinforces the attributes of this Orgonite Pyramid. This dark and mysterious gem is often used to ward off negative energies and promote emotional balance.

The Black Obsidian Orgonite Pyramid: Energy Amplification is more than just a decorative item. It is an ally for your well-being, promoting serenity, mental clarity and energy reinforcement. It is ideal for use in meditation, reiki or any spiritual practice.

Let yourself be seduced by the charm of our Orgonite Pyramid, and discover how the harmonization of energy can improve your daily life.

Dimensions: 6x6x6cm

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