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Guided Meditation

Black Obsidian and 925 Silver Ring

Black Obsidian and 925 Silver Ring

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Discover this magnificent Ring in Black Obsidian and 925 Silver

Black Obsidian is the stone of protection par excellence, because it is one of the most effective ramparts against the negative and harmful energies of the environment that surrounds you. These energies that attack your psychic balance.

This makes black obsidian the most effective protection stone. It helps you to fight against your various anxieties as well as to fight nervous breakdowns. It is a real shield on its own, which is why black obsidian is considered to be the most powerful stone, but also the most complete.

Wear this Black Obsidian and 925 Silver Ring to protect yourself against the negative energies that are in your way and to help you keep your thoughts positive.

Materials: Obsidian and 925 Silver

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