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Guided Meditation

Orgonite pyramid, Amethyst sphere, gold leaves and lotus flower

Orgonite pyramid, Amethyst sphere, gold leaves and lotus flower

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This Orgonite Pyramid, sphere in Amethyst, gold leaves and lotus flower encourages dreaming and observation as it is perfectly executed. Easy to carry and more than a decorative element, this pyramid will harmonize the balance of energies in your home and other living space, such as the office or when traveling.

On a bed of gold leaf and Amethysts is a beautiful mandala representing a lotus flower with colors perfectly coordinated with that of the Amethyst. Above, the Amethyst sphere, like the world in space, gives the appearance of levitating, like a mirage within this high quality resin pyramid. This creation is made entirely by hand which makes it a totally unique object.

Amethyst calms worries, softens sorrows and sadness, even when they are emotional. It balances in case of irritation and moderates anger. It helps to clarify the mind to develop the creative mind and improve concentration.

Take advantage of all the beneficial advantages of this splendid Orgonite Pyramid, Amethyst sphere, gold leaves and lotus flower on a daily basis by clicking on "Add to cart" now.

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