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Orgonite pyramid in Amethyst, Blue Quart, copper and gold leaf

Orgonite pyramid in Amethyst, Blue Quart, copper and gold leaf

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You will be charmed by the superb colors of this splendid Orgonite Pyramid in Amethyst, Quarter blue, copper and gold leaf which certainly does not lack sparkle!

The pyramid is made of high quality resin within which the elements are precisely arranged. The Amethyst sphere gives the illusion of flying over a copper spiral and a beautifully colored mandala. Below, a bed of blue Quartz completed with gold leaf flakes completes the whole.

Blue Quartz is an excellent support for the immune system, which it strengthens when necessary and strengthens the heart and lungs. It also preserves negative energies.

Amethyst completes it by acting more on the mental and emotional level. It calms and soothes in case of nervous tension, anxiety or worry, but also calms hypersensitivity. It removes stress and anger. It clears the mind to stimulate it, which increases concentration and amplifies creativity.

This marvelous Handmade Orgonite Pyramid in Amethyst, Quart Blue, Copper and Gold Leaf will balance your living spaces by discharging the atmosphere of all negative energies. Take advantage of its benefits quickly by clicking on "Add to cart" to receive it now.

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