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“Tree of life” healing pendant and natural stone

“Tree of life” healing pendant and natural stone

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This pretty "Tree of Life" healing pendant and natural stone, absolutely original in its design, will bring a zen note to your daily life while allowing you to benefit from the beneficial properties of the semi-precious stones that make up each of these models. The stones used are natural stones that have been carefully selected for their very high quality as well as for the specific and undeniable virtues of each.

- Amethyst promotes concentration and creativity.

- Rose Quartz brings calm and soothing.

- Opaline harmonizes the body and brings balance between Ying and Yang.

- Tiger's Eye is a protective shield against negative energies.

- The Rock Crystal drawing helps thinking by stimulating creativity and imagination.

- Turquoise green aventurine is a symbol of wisdom and courage.

This pendant was made in a superb tangle of copper wire skilfully arranged to give it the shape of the tree in which the stone is enclosed. Copper is recognized for its stimulating effects on the immune system and its strong anti-inflammatory action, it is a material of choice in the creation of jewelry.

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