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Crescent moon pendant "Appeasement" in Agate

Crescent moon pendant "Appeasement" in Agate

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This pretty "Appeasement" crescent moon pendant in Agate on a leather cord will be as discreet as it is pretty and pleasant to wear. It is offered in 2 colors; white or black as well as in 2 lengths; in 70 cm or 80 cm, your choice, to meet your desires and match all your outfits.

In general, Agate is a so-called anchor stone whose properties promote physical balance, but also that linked to the emotional and the intellect. It eliminates various energy blockages. It is also stabilizing with regard to vital energy by bringing harmony between Yin and Yang.

She soothes anxieties through her actions by acting gently. This semi-precious stone gives courage to help its wearer when faced with difficult events or situations. It improves communication, calms anger and anxieties and fights emotional trauma.

Agate offers a sense of security by dissipating tensions, especially nervous ones.

Quickly take advantage of the benefits of this superb “Appeasement” crescent moon pendant in Agate on a very elegant leather cord by clicking on “Add to basket” without delay.

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