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"Tree of life" pendant in natural stones

"Tree of life" pendant in natural stones

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This "Tree of Life" pendant in semi-precious natural stones represents the symbol of life, strength and accomplishment. First, the Tree of Life is the unbreakable link between earth and heaven. The roots buried deep in the ground for the earth and the branches that rise up for the sky.

Rooting represents our strengths as well as our values. While the large branches represent the important or significant events of our existence. The smaller branches represent the small accomplishments we make on a daily basis. The leaves and the fruits are, for their part, the image of what we sow, but also our aspirations, our dreams or even our desires.

The Tree of Life holds a great place in Buddhist culture. Nevertheless, it is present and represented in most spiritual cultures and religions.

This "Tree of life" pendant in natural stones is offered in a choice of 9 stones with beneficial properties. Something to satisfy all your desires and coordinate with all your outfits.

Indulge yourself with this "Tree of Life" pendant in natural stones which will bring you all the beneficial benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. Quickly click on "Add to cart" to get yours.

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