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Guided Meditation

Natural Purple Fluorite Pendant Necklace

Natural Purple Fluorite Pendant Necklace

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This very beautiful Necklace with natural purple Fluorite pendant promises you superb color tones to highlight your neck and décolleté. This stone is reputed to be the stone of spirituality as well as that of wisdom, but it is also the stone of the third eye. It helps to promote intuition and meditation. It is widely used in the practice of Reiki, on the chakras and in lithotherapy for its therapeutic virtues.

Purple Fluorite has the particularity of being able to absorb and neutralize negative energies, it balances other energies, in this case positive energies, and eliminates stress. It increases concentration to better acquire learning. It improves self-confidence to achieve better decision-making. It encourages to be positive by promoting inner balance.

Followers of spirituality will appreciate Purple Fluorite for its virtues which help them to develop their psychic communication, to access premonitory dreams or to amplify their capacity for mediumship.

Adopt this superb Necklace with natural purple Fluorite pendant which will easily coordinate with each of your outfits while giving you an irresistible charm by clicking on "Add to basket" now.

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