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Guided Meditation

Natural Red Agate Luck Bracelet

Natural Red Agate Luck Bracelet

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This very beautiful Natural Red Agate Luck Bracelet is entirely handmade by Buddhist monks with 3 mm semi-precious stone beads. It ends with small pearls at the ends, and another sliding one bringing together the sides of the cord to be able to be adapted to all wrists from 16 cm to 24 cm. During the design, the monks recite mantras to breathe positive waves and good energies, especially spiritual, into each bracelet made so that it brings luck and happiness to whoever wears it.

These Agates have been selected for their high quality and for their flamboyant color which gives the jewel an absolutely undeniable elegance. For meditation enthusiasts, the beads can be played to the rhythm of their mantras or the recitation of their prayers in complete discretion.

In the Buddhist culture, it is recommended to wear this type of bracelet on the left wrist because it is on this side that the receiving channel of the good energies is located.

Whether or not you are a fan of mantras, this very beautiful Natural Red Agate Luck Bracelet will look great and will coordinate perfectly with all your outfits and your style. Click now on "Add to basket" to receive the bracelet of your choice.

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