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Natural Red Jasper Lucky Bracelet

Natural Red Jasper Lucky Bracelet

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This beautiful Natural Red Jasper Lucky Bracelet is made of 4 and 6 mm semi-precious stone beads and a rectangular bead engraved with six Buddhist words. It is made in the respect of the Buddhist tradition and entirely by hand where the beads are assembled on a multicolored woven cotton cord which ends with a lucky knot for closure.

Regarding Red Jasper, it is a stone that helps balance yin and yang and whose properties operate as much on the mental and emotional level as on the physical level. It promotes fighting spirit, especially when making decisions, to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Red Jasper is also a stone of strength that develops will and courage, improves energy to restore vigor. Which is very useful in case of difficulties. On the physical level, this stone is active on the blood circulation which it stimulates while invigorating and warming it.

It is available in 4 sizes to suit all wrists and to satisfy both ladies and gentlemen. To quickly enjoy the benefits of this superb Natural Red Jasper Lucky Bracelet on a daily basis, click "Add to Cart" now.

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