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Antique Reiki Pendulum Spiral Cone

Antique Reiki Pendulum Spiral Cone

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This beautiful antique spiral cone Reiki pendulum is a real amulet available in 4 colors to choose from, gold, silver, rose gold and antique color. All will have the same specificity to give you the results you expect without varying.

The pendulum is particularly used among followers of spirituality as a divinatory support as well as as a support for dowsing. Some dowsers also use it to locate water sources. This pendulum is attached to a chain with a lobster-type carabiner to be removable. The pendulum means that dowsing translates to “sensitivity to radiation”.

This beautiful pendulum will suit both seasoned and novice beginners in the practice of dowsing. Whether in the divinatory arts like any other research knowing that everything and everything in the world emits vibrations and other waves that the pendulum is able to capture.

Don't miss out on such essential protection which acts for your well-being and adopt your Antique Reiki Spiral Cone Pendulum now by clicking on "Add to Cart" to get it as soon as possible.

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