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Rhodonite bracelet and its heart charm engraved Tree of life

Rhodonite bracelet and its heart charm engraved Tree of life

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Whether by the softness of its colors or by the extreme elegance of the whole, this Rhodonite Bracelet and its Tree of Life engraved Heart charm is just waiting to find its place around your wrist.

In addition to its very beautiful variants of pink which will easily coordinate with all of your daily outfits, Rhodonite alone concentrates many virtues used for thousands of years since it was already very widely worn by both the Romans than by the Greeks during the ancient period. It was then considered a particularly protective stone, both by women and by men.

Rhodonite helps to acquire better self-control, especially with regard to stress, which it allows to better channel, and fights fears and fears as well as anxieties. This stone is linked to the heart chakra, so it is perfect for the balance of romantic relationships, as it encourages the development of trust in others, and encourages peace in all relationships, including those specific to couples. couples, in order to maintain good serenity.

In the same way, it is effective in providing support in the event of romantic breakups or in helping to overcome the difficulties generated by conflicting situations in the couple and in soothing heartache.

Your beautiful Rhodonite Bracelet and its Tree of Life Engraved Heart Charm is assembled on a high-density stretchy backing for long-lasting wear and embellished with a lovely heart-shaped charm carefully engraved with a Tree of Life. To highlight them, the stone beads have been interspersed with metal discs.

The Tree of Life is a true sacred symbol in many cultures, as it represents the life force for its longevity, rebirth to renew itself in every season and robustness to resist, whatever the seasons, even the most difficult. . It also symbolizes the constant link between the earth and the sky by the roots buried deepest for the first and the branches which rise high towards the second.

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