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Rhodonite bracelet

Rhodonite bracelet

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This very beautiful natural Rhodonite cuff bracelet is entirely handmade with cut stones to give them this beautiful rectangular shape. They are assembled on a light brown leather support which closes with a pretty engraved button.

Rhodonite is a protective stone on the one hand, and restorative on the other. It acts to maintain inner balance and encourages better management of stress and anxiety. It amplifies courage and increases resistance, it improves confidence to promote the relational plan while supporting emotional relationships and tenderness, whether they are simply friendly or in love. It is an ally in the event of emotional trauma, because it helps to apprehend and overcome difficult situations, especially in terms of negative emotions.

On a physical level, Rhodonite stimulates the immune system and helps fight against pain, especially joint pain.

This superb natural Rhodonite cuff bracelet, in addition to allowing you to benefit from the beneficial potential of its stones, will be a magnificent piece of jewelery that you will enjoy wearing. It is sure to coordinate with most of your daily attire. Do not miss this very beautiful jewel and click on "Add to basket" to receive it as soon as possible.

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