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Natural Rhodonite cuff bracelet

Natural Rhodonite cuff bracelet

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This magnificent natural Rhodonite cuff bracelet is worn wrapped around the wrist. It ends with a closure button engraved with pretty patterns to be positioned in two locations of your choice to allow an ideal fit. It produces a very beautiful visual effect both by its style and by the stones judiciously assembled and associated with a golden chain part. The rendering is particularly elegant. A central stone further enhances the charm of the whole.

Regarding Rhodonite, it is a restorative and protective stone. It improves balance, reduces stress and anxiety, leading the person to better manage them. It increases endurance, increases courage and promotes the relational aspect by improving confidence. Still on the relational aspect, Rhodonite supports friendly or romantic relationships by promoting affection and tenderness.

In addition, it offers its properties in support during emotional traumas by allowing to better understand certain difficult or complicated caps related to negative emotions. And on a physical level, it acts to stimulate the immune system and counter certain pains such as those related to the joints.

Give yourself the pleasure of enjoying many benefits by wearing this very beautiful natural Rhodonite cuff bracelet by clicking on "Add to cart". You will not regret it !

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