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Guided Meditation

Rings of the 7 chakras in glass beads

Rings of the 7 chakras in glass beads

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Featuring free-spinning bohemian rainbow beads, these beautiful 7 Chakra Glass Bead Rings are bound to please you. They are available in gold or silver and adjustable to the finger that suits you, which allows you to modulate according to your desire at your will.

Their colors will truly match all your outfits in a fairly trendy style and will be quite elegant in your hand.

These 7 chakra rings made of glass beads are ideal as an anti-stress ring, as rings to combat anxiety, but also simply as a meditation ring.

The pearls reminiscent of the colors of a rainbow come to slide on their essential support for anxious people who need support to fight bad habits. The translucent beads are 3mm, they shimmer beautifully.

To remedy your bad habits, these Rings of the 7 chakras in glass beads will be perfect to support you while being very pretty and will undoubtedly coordinate with all of your daily outfits. Once acquired you will not be able to do without it. Click now on "Add to cart" to quickly receive the one you like for yourself or to offer.

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