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Natural Rose Quartz Love Pendant

Natural Rose Quartz Love Pendant

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This natural Rose Quartz Love Pendant in the shape of a heart is the jewel of lovers who only asks to wrap you in its beneficial properties.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, hence the fact that in lithotherapy, it is attached to the heart chakra. It is also a stone of appeasement and relaxation. It helps overcome affective and emotional wounds and keeps enemies at a distance.

It is a stone that restores confidence in general as well as self-confidence, it exhausts negative energies to bring harmony and tender movements by strengthening romantic feelings. It promotes empathy leading to more openness towards others, increases receptivity by developing sensitivity. She brings peace, calm, respect and love. Rose Quartz would also have the particularity of being protective against the negative waves to which we are subjected on a daily basis.

Regardless of all these benefits, this natural Rose Quartz Love Pendant is an absolutely charming jewel that will be discreet while matching all of your outfits. To link your pleasure of wearing a beautiful jewel with the pleasure of enjoying its benefits, click on "Add to cart" to get yours.

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