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Guided Meditation

Lucky Nenju Sandalwood Bracelet for meditation

Lucky Nenju Sandalwood Bracelet for meditation

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This Lucky Nenju Bracelet, also called "Juzu", is used as a meditation support for Buddhists in the same way as malas, but has fewer beads than the latter. However, the beads are used to count recited mantras. It is associated with the chanting of Buddha Amitābha.

This superb Nenju lucky bracelet, available in green or red, is made with 8 mm beads from sandalwood and carved by hand.

Sandalwood comes from a tree native to Asia. Traditional Chinese medicine gives this wood a great place for the benefits it generates on our health. Its antibacterial therapeutic properties are widely recognized in alternative medicine, so it is also widely used in aromatherapy. Its beneficial properties develop on contact with the skin. It is anti-stress by generating soothing and relaxing effects to combat anxiety and anxiety.

This very beautiful Nenju Lucky Bracelet will delight you with the aesthetics of this wood and its great lightness while being extremely solid. You will have no trouble pairing it with most of your outfits so you can wear it as often as you want. Click "Add to Cart" to receive your Lucky Nenju Bracelet now.

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