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Set Bracelet and Necklace / Mala in natural stones

Set Bracelet and Necklace / Mala in natural stones

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This magnificent Bracelet and Necklace / Mala Set in natural stones is made entirely by hand. The mala ends with a silky tassel and the bracelet is assembled on a high resistance support. This set consists of 8mm tumbled stones in Snowflake Obsidian, Mookaite, African Turquoise and Clear Quartz.

Mahogang Obsidian, or Mahogany or Mahogany Obsidian, is generally brown in color with black incursions. Its protective power is softer than that of traditional black obsidian, but is nevertheless very powerful. It participates in the relief of various pains related to cramps and aches. Stone of strength, it fights negative energies and helps to oust feelings related to lack or dissatisfaction. It pushes to overcome fears, to face challenges and encourages reflection.

Mookaite is a natural Jasper. On the mental and emotional level, it invites serenity, improves concentration, support and help in decision-making, especially when they have to be fast. Under the pillow, it helps to remember dreams. And on a physical level, Mookaite participates in the elimination of toxins.

African Turquoise is a stone of prosperity. It helps to structure itself by awakening the soul, it amplifies energy, develops wisdom.

Transparent quartz participates in amplifying the properties of other stones. It balances the energies of the body while stimulating the immune system and combats dizziness and headaches.

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