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Set of 5 assorted anklets

Set of 5 assorted anklets

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This superb Set of 5 assorted anklets is marked by the elegance and finesse of the different jewels. Each of the bracelets can be worn alone independently of the others or all together as in the stacking style. Stacking has become very fashionable, it is about wearing jewelry together by stacking them and respecting a beautiful association between colors, shapes, materials and their number, which gives a very classy and elegant look. Generally, for an ultra trendy rendering, it is essential not to exceed 5 jewels worn together and thus not to make a mistake in taste.

These anklets are assembled on a high-density stretch support for two of them, while the other three end with an additional chain for a perfect fit and a lobster-type carabiner clasp.

Protection against the evil eye, shells, coffee bean and pretty colors, enough to look beautiful both in town and on the sand at the beach, day and night.

Take advantage of this Set of 5 assorted anklets, either to test the stacking style, or because you are already a fan of it. You can only approve of this trend from across the Channel.

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