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Sodalite Stability Bracelet

Sodalite Stability Bracelet

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The stones that make up this very beautiful Sodalite Stability Bracelet are endowed with widely proven beneficial virtues that they diffuse to improve the balance of those who wear them.

Sodalite is a stone with particularly effective actions whether on the emotions it stabilizes, on the communication it facilitates, on the creativity it develops, on the feelings it channels and on the spirit that she soothes. This makes it a stone of comfort, relaxation and appeasement.

It also improves our understanding of ourselves and of the world in which we live. It provides courage by dispelling fears, offers a better respect of others, but also of oneself as well as greater self-control by the stability it brings. It participates in clarifying the thought to achieve a better development of it and of logic.

This superb Sodalite Stability Bracelet is made from high quality stones of 4, 6, 8 or 10 mm of your choice in a marbled blue specific to this stone, which offers great elegance to this jewel beneficial for your well-being. to be interior. Click "Add to Cart" now to receive yours ASAP.

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