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Guided Meditation

Spiritual Mala with Lotus Flower Charm

Spiritual Mala with Lotus Flower Charm

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This spiritual Mala with Lotus Flower charm is composed of more or less 108 beads of 8 mm in Rose Quartz, Amazonite, Emperor Jasper. This combination of colors gives it a particularly aesthetic and pleasant look. Don't be surprised if all eyes turn to you when you wear it around your neck or wrap it around your wrist like a multi-row bracelet.

The Lotus Flower is a sacred sign, in this case among Buddhists, because it alone symbolizes purity, rebirth and devotion and it helps to develop personal fulfillment in you. If the Lotus Flower has this reputation, it is because it grows and evolves in muddy places like ponds without ever losing its beauty.

Like all malas, this one with a length of 90 cm will also be an excellent support of choice for your meditation sessions which will allow you to shake the beads to the rhythm of your prayers and other mantras.

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