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Seated Anjali-Mudra Buddha Statues

Seated Anjali-Mudra Buddha Statues

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These Sitting Anjali-Mudra Buddha Statues are particularly pretty and pleasing to the eye. They will make a wonderful object of interior decoration by bringing fullness to your living space or in your office, and whichever you opt for. It's up to you to choose the color that you like or that best matches your personality between black and gold.

The name of this Buddha Anjali-Mudra, or more commonly known as Namaste-Mudra, refers to the position of his hands. Depending on the position or gesture of the hands, the meaning is very precise. In the case of the Anjali-Mudra, hands clasped, fingers straight up and palms against each other at the level of the heart chakra, it is a gesture of greeting, blessing or reverence defined by Anji and Mudra meaning "sign" in Sanskrit.

By positioning one of these Sitting Buddha Anjali-Mudra Statues in your interior, you will give the feeling to all your visitors that they are welcome under your roof, that you honor their coming or their presence and that they will spend a good time by your side.

Do not doubt any longer and illuminate your space with one of these Sitting Buddha Anjali-Mudra Statues by clicking "Add to Cart" now.

Features :

Material: Resin
Height: 23cm
Width: 15.3cm
Depth: 11.5cm
Weight: 620 grams
hand painted

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