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Resin Buddha head

Resin Buddha head

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This beautiful resin Buddha Head will be ideal for decorating your garden or reigning over your terrace. It can also be placed at the entrance of your home to welcome your visitors or take pride of place in your living room!

In any case, and, whatever the place you are going to allocate to it, it will be a sign of well-being and fullness in your living space, indoors or outdoors.

Because having a Buddha's head at home is a whole symbol beyond simple decoration. It conveys the precepts and values of compassion, peace, benevolence, altruism, bliss and happiness, but also respect for life that Buddha spent his life teaching others and practicing himself.

In absolute terms, it is often recommended to place such an effigy facing the main entrance of your home or facing the entrance to the room where it is located.

To have a head or a statue of the effigy of Buddha at home is to approve and affirm these values as being yours. Either way, you will be delighted to own this superb Resin Buddha Head. Click on “Add to cart” without delay to receive it as soon as possible.

Features :
Height: 33cm
Width: 18cm
Depth: 20cm
Material: Resin
Weight: 2kg

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