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Tibetan Buddhist leather bracelet

Tibetan Buddhist leather bracelet

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This very beautiful Tibetan Buddhist bracelet in genuine leather does not fail to combine the simplicity of the design with the frank elegance accompanied by a touch of originality. It was completed by a cylindrical bead engraved with the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum", the best known, but also the most recited by Buddhist monks.

This mantra from Sanskrit is the mantra of compassion and wisdom and is composed of 6 syllables emanating from the "Om Ah Hum" whose three syllables have their own meaning. The "Om" represents the body, the "Ah" refers to speech and the "Hum" symbolizes the mind.

This superb Tibetan Buddhist leather bracelet will charm you, but also seduce those around you with its finesse and the class that emanates from it. At the same time, it will match all your outfits, whatever they may be. You will enjoy wearing it both for its beauty and for the message of compassion and wisdom that emanates from it.

By clicking on "Add to cart" now, you will adopt this magnificent Tibetan Buddhist leather bracelet which will follow you on a daily basis to guide you like a personal companion. Do not hesitate to treat yourself without delay.

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