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Guided Meditation

Tibetan mala 108 natural beads

Tibetan mala 108 natural beads

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This superb Tibetan Mala with 108 natural beads, with an "Om" charm symbolizing the vibratory sound at the origin of the world or the "Lotus Flower" symbolizing purity, longevity and wisdom, can be worn as a necklace or as a bracelet wrapped around of the wrist according to your mood.

The mala is a kind of rosary, sacred object, in natural semi-precious stones, used by Buddhists, yogis and other followers of meditation. The succession of beads makes it possible to count the mantras during meditation. It helps to maintain great concentration. It is always composed of 108 pearls.

For Buddhists, this number symbolizes the 108 names of Buddha, while for yoga practitioners, this number corresponds to the 108 postures in this discipline.

The current fashion appropriates the mala which finds its place perfectly as a jewel by its very charming side and by its varied utility; sometimes bracelet, sometimes necklace, for both women and men. It's up to you to vary your pleasures by coordinating your Tibetan Mala 108 natural beads. To receive it as soon as possible, click on "Add to basket" now.

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